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Next time you're hanging out at Yoakum Perk and Brew, you may want to check out our inventory of soaps and essential oils. Wellness begins with wholesome products. That's why, in addition to food and drink, we sell diffusers, oils and bath products. You can bring the relaxation of our shop home with you.

Stop by Yoakum Perk and Brew today to shop for top-quality bath products.

Take good care of your skin

Our bath products are homemade from natural ingredients. You'll feel refreshed and revitalized when you use our soaps. Our essential oils provide a range of benefits. They can be used during meditation or simply to add enjoyable scents to your home. You can choose from oils that are formulated to relieve stress, energize or soothe. Add them to lotions or carrier oils and apply to your skin for the ultimate in soothing effects.

Experience the benefits of essential oils and natural soaps by shopping at Yoakum Perk and Brew today.