We serve breakfast and lunch, six days a week

Are you hungry? At Yoakum Perk and Brew, we serve breakfast and lunch items, as well as specialty espresso drinks and coffees. We invite you to wake up with one of our fruit Danishes or egg and cheese breakfast balls. We provide rotating lunch specials, including dishes like homemade chicken spaghetti and lobster bisque. Our offerings are made in-house using fresh ingredients.

Call 361-407-5066 now to learn more about our breakfast and lunch options.

Don't go hungry

There are many ways to enjoy the food and drinks at Yoakum Perk and Brew. You can:

  • Start your day with an energizing shot of espresso
  • Get some work done while enjoying a fresh cup of joe and a pastry
  • Catch up with old friends over our daily lunch special

There's always something new to try. Check out the daily lunch and drink specials on our Facebook page today.



Cheese - Bacon - Onions - Mushrooms - Tomato - Bell Peppers - Black Olives - Spinach


Strawberry Banana, Lemon, Wild Berry Strawberry, Caribbean Colada, Peach, Mango


Club Sandwich: Turkey, Ham, Cheese, Bacon with your choice of fixings.
BLT: Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato with your choice of fixings.
Turkey Sandwich: Turkey, Cheese with your choice of fixings.
Ham Sandwich: Ham, Cheese with your side of fixings.
Veggie Sandwich: All the veggies you want!

*all sandwiches and wraps can be toasted*





*all salads come with a choice of ranch, thousand island, Caesar or Italian dressing.

Kids Menu

Grilled Cheese - Ham Sandwich - Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly