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When the sun goes down, our coolers open up. Yoakum Perk and Brew isn't just an ideal place for a morning coffee and breakfast. We stock a range of beer and wine options available during afternoons and evenings. You can relax in our outdoor area with a glass of wine or share some beers with your friends. We have choices for everyone.

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Our coffee shop stays open until 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday so you can relax and hang out with old friends and meet some new ones. Are you looking for a new spot to lift a glass? Maybe you want to gather with coworkers for a post-work beverage. We have the perfect atmosphere for laid-back fun.

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Red Wines

For the purposes of Yoakum Perk & Brew, Cabernet Sauvignon is considered to be a dry wine. Dry means not sweet but some may have a sweet perception to some drinkers because the fruit taste is often described as sweet. Most of the European red wines: Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, are dry. In wine, tannin is a textural element that makes wine taste dry. Tannin (the backbone in red wine) is a naturally occurring polyphenol which is found in plants, seeds, bark, wood, leaves, and fruit skins. ... As a characteristic of wine, tannin adds both bitterness and astringency, as well as complexity

Puente de Rus Vineyard 2016
*Clean and Bright Scarlet color
*Elegant aroma's
*Full bodied

Puente de Rus Vineyard
*Being cherry red
*Medium-high aromatic intensity
*Notes of red fruits: raspberry, strawberry, Blackberries, Very NICE!!

Puenta de Rus Vineyard 2012
*Aged for at least 12 months
*You will smell ripe fruit, coffee, chocolate with tones of wood
*Delicate balance in the mouth
*Long aftertaste

Puente de Rus Vineyard
*Cherry red color with purple rim
*Ripe black fruit
*Powerful and fleshy entry
*Silky and well-polished on the mouth

Puente de Rus Vineyard
*Fresh balsamic & Mediterranean aromas
*Soft and strong, filling volume & density

Charles Smith Wines
*Full Bodied Cab

  • Lyric undergoes open-top fermentation with extended time on the skins and is then aged for 11 months in French oak barrels.
  • A blend of grapes from North Canyon and Fiddlestix vineyards, this bottling shows hickory smoke, cherry pie and floral aromas on the nose.
  • The palate offers tart blackberry, cranberry, clove and vanilla flavors, with a smoky, roasted pork touch.

Sweet Red Wines

A wine is considered "dry" when all of the grape sugar is converted to alcohol during fermentation, while a sweet wine still has some residual sugar. "Semi-dry" or "off dry" wines have a mild or softly perceptible sweetness.

Llano Estacado
*Fruity red wine
*Alluring blackberry flavor
*Soft round tannins which provide a rich mouth texture
*Hint of mint to finish

San Ducerro Vineyards
*Texas Black Spanish grapes
*Made here in Yoakum

Blended Wines

From a commercial standpoint the primary function of blending is to help the winery keep a consistent product from bottle to bottle. ... Home winemakers blend to improve their wines, a third and less common reason wineries blend. Combining two or more wines makes each one better than they would be on their own.

Paso de Buey
*80% Sauvignon Blanc
*20% Verdejo
*Not Dry but Not sweet

Aulus Vineyards
*Aged for 12 years
*Cabernet Sauvignon

Vista de Halcon
*40% Cabernet Sauvignon
*40% Tempranillo
*10% Merlot
*5% Syrah
*5% Petit Verdot

Vista de Halcon
*Blended with a full body merlot & Natural Blackberry
*Sweet and Refreshing
*Great in a Wine Smoothie

Vista de Halcom
*40% Cabernet Sauvignon
*40% Tempranillo
*10% Merlot
*5% Syrah
*5% Petit Verdot
*Aged 12 Months in a Oak Barrel

*Delicately sweet with a crisp taste of Peach
*Delivers orange, peach and lychee flavors
*Sweet and Refreshing
*Great in a Wine Smoothie

White Wines

Both Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are made in a variety of styles, and both can be made into anything from a crisp, dry white to a sweet late-harvest-style dessert wine. You could find examples of Sauvignon Blanc sweeter than a Chardonnay, and you could find examples of the reverse, too.

An extremely aromatic Pinot Grigio from cool climate in Trentino in Northern Italy.

Butter brims with stone fruit and baked-lemon notes nd has a lovely, Long, vanilla finish. Simply put, it melts in your mouth.

Marlboro Vineyards
*Fresh juicy wine
*Tropical fruit flavors
*Passion fruit, melons & grapefruit
*Crisp acidity
*Little sweet

Puente de Rus Vineyard-Spain
*Buttery, Oaked, Rich
*Full Bodied with flavors of vanilla
*Has some citrus flavors
*Tropical fruit taste on the palate

Puente De Rus Vineyard-Spain
*Has a hint of lime, green apple, passion fruit and peach

Puente De Rus-Spain
*From the Reuda region of Spain
*Strong oxidized sherry-like wine
*Lime, Meyer lemon, grapefruit, grass, fennel & citrus blossoms
*Rich Texture, and flavors of toasted Marcona almonds
*The bitters of grass and fennel

Infused Wines

Wines sweetened with Fruit Flavors

San Ducerro Vineyards
*Peach Chardonnay

San Ducerro Vineyards
*Blackberry Merlot


Hawk's Bay, New Zealand
*Soft & Luscious
*fruited with hints of watermelon & strawberry